The Cincinnati Project

Air quality monitoring
Heat monitoring
   Keep Norwood Cool
   Smart City: Heat monitoring IOT
         Water quality monitoring
                Urban Water metabolism 
        Water quality monitoring
       UC Campus Energy transition


       Streetcar ridership study

International and Domestic Projects

   2030 Near-term transition   
   Waste flows

Spatial analytics 

               Adult asthma study
   Breast cancer study

Health assessments

   Green Streets 
   Social capital

Landscape Architecture 
Urban Design


   Ulsan Remade
Adaptive Reuse of Cincinnati's Abandoned Tunnel
Daegu Global Studio

Built design



Upcoming / Recent

Lecture / Presentation
03.2024 Domansa, Seoul
11.2023 Harvard University, GSD
11.2023 University of Ulsan,
        College of Social Science
03.2023 UC Berkeley, LAEP

Conference / Presentation
07.2024 RC21 Urban and Regional                               Development 06.2024 Ulsan Research Institute
05.2024 CNU, Cincinnati
03.2024 Daegu Global Studio Symposium
06.2023 Medinfo 

04.2024 Contemporary Arts Center 11.2023 Harvard University, GSD

2020 2019 2018

03.2024 Daegu Metropolitian Global Studio
10.2023 Remote sensing
03.2023 Integrated studio

Jury review 
12.2023 University of Pennsylvania,
        Weitzman School Design


Founder & Director

Sang ChoAssistant Professor, DAAP

Current researchers

Avaniko Asokkumar,Seonwoo Lee, Grayson Sommer

Past researchers

Roozbeh Kholdani, Ayesha Syeda,  Rubina Raffeeque,  Armita Chitsaz

Internal Faculty Advisory Board

Chris Auffrey, Barry Kew

External Faculty Advisory Board

Ellie Jungmin Han, Niall Kirkwood, Patrick Ryan

Internal Faculty Collaborators

Carla Chifos, Leah Hollstein,
Shilpa Mehta, Kristina Shin,
Peter Yi

External Faculty Collaborators

Hyojung Kim, Sumeeta Srinivasa, 
Seungho Park (STUDIO KYSH—)

External Collaborators (current)

City of Cincinnati, Office of Environment and Sustainability (OES),
City of Cincinnati, The Connector,
Grouundworks ORV,
Mill Creek Alliance

 External Collaborators (past)

Groundworks Lawrence,                     
American Planning Association Sustainable Communities Division

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Environmental Planning &
Design Innovation Collaborative

The lab integrates design, planning, and technology, offering an innovative method for understanding and shaping the urban landscape. Its interdisciplinary approach facilitates collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders. This includes communities, industries, municipalities, and researchers.